This week’s Student Spotlight celebrates Freedom School scholar Kennedy!

She’s a 5th grader at Gregory Elementary and a three year veteran of Freedom School.

Kennedy grew up in Wilmington. She’s the youngest of her siblings and at the ripe age of 10, she’s already an aunt of six!

She enjoys reading books with characters that sometimes look like her. She loves that she can speak her mind the right way at Freedom School. She couldn’t wait to come back this summer to see all her friends from other schools, her old and new servant-leader interns and Mrs. Keisha, Ms. Dani, Ms. O, and coach Nixon. She’s super glad to see Mr. Jeb this year even though he isn’t teaching her class.

She is a cheer and chant master and loves to remix them in fun ways.

“I love the cheers and chants. When you are feeling down they help you feel better. I love how energetic it is and I love spending time with my friends,” said Kennedy. “Freedom School has helped me get more confident.”

That confidence will also help her chase her dreams to become a singer living in LA.

In the meantime, she says that she wants to keep coming to Freedom School until she is “too old,” then she wants to be a jSLI then maybe one day when she’s in college she can be an SLI.

We’re so proud of you, Kennedy! It’s a pleasure to have you at Freedom School with us each day!