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CISCF works in partnership with public schools to identify and connect students, many in jeopardy of dropping out, with the community resources they need to stay engaged in school.

CISCF offers programs in area schools and brings community resources, services, parents and volunteers together to help meet students’ needs.

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We offer programs in After School, Non-Traditional Learning, Teen Parenting and Dropout Prevention.

Learn more about what each of these programs have to offer to our youth and how they can enrich their lives and their learning with help from the community.

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Communities In Schools is a local non profit supported by grants, corporate and private donations.

CISCF always has a list of items needed to support our programs and our services to youth. In addition, cash donations are greatly appreciated and always go directly to the services we provide for our local youth.

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Student Spotlight


Today we shine our spotlight on Nazarius, a 6th grade student at Williston Middle School. Nazarius has 5 brothers and 2 sisters, and for fun he enjoys playing with friends, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes and playing video games. In school, his favorite subject is Math. Nazarius loves his relationship with Mr. Gattison, one of the CIS Student Support Specialists at Williston, because “He’s cool, nice and not scared to stand up for kids. He checks in on me every day and gets me supplies when I need them.” When asked how Mr. Gattison has helped, Nazarius said “He stands up for me and helps me with my work. Probably my favorite thing we’ve done was when we went on a field trip to see Black Panther.”

After high school, Nazarius hopes to go to NC State, and dreams of being a great actor in the movies. Keep working hard Nazarius, we know you can reach your goals!


This week’s spotlight shines on Zachary, a 10th grade student at Pender High School. Zachary’s favorite subject in school is Math 1, and in his spare time he enjoys songwriting and singing. His goal is to become a professional singer / songwriter after school! He appreciates his CIS Student Support Specialist, Ms. Hudson, because she “always pushes me to be a better person, she never gives up on me, and she always helps me any way she can.” Keep up the hard work Zachary, we can’t wait to hear your music on the radio!


Our first Student Spotlight for this school year shines on Mike, a 3rd grader at Snipes Academy of Arts & Design. Mike moved here from Dayton, Ohio 4 years ago, and loves playing basketball (he is a member of the Snipes Academy All-Star Dribbling Team). Mike also enjoys riding his friend’s hover board. In school, his favorite subject is science, and he hopes to go to college and further his education so he can become a scientist one day. He also wants to travel to Palm Springs. When asked what he likes most about his CIS Student Support Specialist, Mrs. Simon, he says “I like that we practice and review words each time we meet; I have a stack of 500 cards with words that I know for sure! We also review Fact and Opinion everyday using magazine pictures, and Mrs. Simon let me draw a heart, which I separated and labeled with all the things I love. I really like that she’s always teaching me new things, and that she creates flash cards for words I don’t know, and tells me to review them at home each day.” Mrs. Simon remarked, “Mike has shown tremendous growth this month! I am extremely proud of him and enjoy working with him each and every day!” Congratulations, and keep up the hard work Mike!


charlotte   Charlotte - NHHS

This week’s student spotlight is bittersweet for us, as we are saying good luck to a very special young lady, Charlotte. We have supported Charlotte for the past 3 years at New Hanover High School, and have watched her grow into a beautiful self-sufficient, and confident young woman. Charlotte works 3 jobs while maintaining A’s and B’s at school, and is graduating early this month. She plans on moving to Charlotte and attending one of the area colleges, where she hopes to major in Business Management and minor in accounting. When asked what three things she likes about her Student Support Specialist, Charlotte says “He is very helpful and honest with me. Mr. Rashad is understanding and doesn’t allow me to make excuses for myself. He always makes it happen, he always finds a way no matter what. Mr. Rashad has also helped me with my time management skills and my attitude – he taught me that every action doesn’t deserve a reaction. Meeting Mr. Rashad in the 10th grade was the best thing that could have happened to me. He has taught me so much about life in the last 3 years.”

During her time as a CIS student, Charlotte has helped us as well! She was a model in our inaugural fashion show last Spring, and her picture has been used in some of our marketing materials. In the future, Charlotte envisions being a CEO of a fortune 500 company – and we don’t doubt she’ll succeed! We look forward to staying in touch and helping along the way as we can. Good luck Charlotte – you’ll be missed!


Jaden (002)

This week we celebrate Jaden, an 8th grader at Williston. Jaden has lived in Wilmington his whole life, and enjoys playing football and basketball. His favorite subject in school is math, and he plans to attend either UNC or NC State. When asked what he liked best about his CIS Student Support Specialist, Jaden responded “Mr. Gattison helped my school work by setting me with a tutor. He is also a mentor, someone I can talk to about anything. He’s reliable, honest and cool”. He especially liked when Tre Whitted (former Laney basketball standout) came to visit with Mr. Gattison. “Tre talked about his basketball career and what it took to get there. I want to train with him in the summer to get better.” After college, Jaden hopes to play in either the NFL, or NBA. If that doesn’t work out, he plans to open his own sporting goods store. Keep setting goals, Jaden – we’re proud of you!

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