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CISCF works in partnership with public schools to identify and connect students, many in jeopardy of dropping out, with the community resources they need to stay engaged in school.

CISCF offers programs in area schools and brings community resources, services, parents and volunteers together to help meet students’ needs.

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We offer programs in After School, Non-Traditional Learning, Teen Parenting and Dropout Prevention.

Learn more about what each of these programs have to offer to our youth and how they can enrich their lives and their learning with help from the community.

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Communities In Schools is a local non profit supported by grants, corporate and private donations.

CISCF always has a list of items needed to support our programs and our services to youth. In addition, cash donations are greatly appreciated and always go directly to the services we provide for our local youth.

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Student Spotlight


This week’s spotlight shines on Trevonte, a 10th grade student at Pender High School! Trevonte grew up in Pender County and loves to play all kinds of sports and collect shoes. In school, he is an honors student and his favorite subjects (in order) are math, history and science! He plans to go to college and major in engineering technology.

Trevonte has participated in the CIS Afterschool Program at Pender High for the past two years. He says he appreciates how his CIS Student Support Specialist, Ms. Hudson, “pushes me to get my work done, keeps me active and makes sure I’m not just doing the minimum to get by. She’s really good at listening when you’re going through a lot. She’s good to talk to on my bad days and pulls me aside to talk about my grades as well. She’s always telling me how important my tests are and to do my homework.” In return, Ms. Hudson remarked “Trevonte is one of my upperclassmen who participates in peer tutoring with my freshman boys. His energy and positivity just light up the room whenever he walks into the auditorium for after school!”

Through the CIS program at Pender High School, Trevonte has also been able to participate in several field trips, about which he said “Wow, where do I start?! I really liked all the trips, but especially when we got to go to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C. That trip was kind of mind-blowing because I learned more about segregation. All of the college tours were amazing too – they have so many activities on campus!”

After college, Trevonte sees himself “becoming a construction worker or making music.” We can’t wait to continue supporting you along your journey Trevonte!




Our Thanksgiving week spotlight shines on Sadiya, a senior at New Hanover High School! Sadiya grew up in Wilmington in a home with her mother and 4 siblings. Life wasn’t always easy but through it all Sadiya stayed focused, maintained a good GPA and earned academic and athletic honors. For run she enjoys DIY projects and loves to play basketball. In school, her favorite subject is biology.  She has been supported throughout her journey at New Hanover by CIS Student Support Specialist, Rashad Gattison. When asked what she three things she likes about him, she replied “He’s honest, funny and motivating. Any break or crisis I have he always checks on me to make sure I’m doing well. He always helps me with my school work, or anything else I need help with.”

A college visit inspired Sadiya to strive to attend a 4-year university “I went on a college visit to East Carolina University and Mr. Rashad was a chaperone on the trip. I got to meet his brother who was a graduate of East Carolina University and he was just as cool as Mr. Rashad. The trip was fun Mr. Rashad kept me laughing the whole time. The trip encouraged me to pursue my education after high school and when his brother had his Frat brothers hop for us it completely sealed the deal for me going to college.  I want to be a part of that college life!”  

After college, Sadiya plans to go into business, stating “I am really into sneakers, so one day I want to own a sneaker boutique.  I would also like to start and franchise a sneaker company!”

Keep dreaming big Sadiya, we can’t wait to see you succeed!


This week’s spotlight shines on Alaze, an 8th grade student at Penderlea School! Alaze grew up in Raleigh and lives with her mom, who is Vietnamese. Her favorite subjects in school are English and Language Arts, and for fun she enjoys drawing, listening to music and reading. Alaze also loves getting phone calls and visits from her Aunts “they make me feel really happy!” When asked what she likes most about her CIS Student Support Specialist, Alaze said “I like that Ms. Hansley is straight-forward and pretty chill. She’s good at dealing with different personalities, and she helps me with my homework and with getting to know more people.”
After high school, Alaze hopes to go to art school in New York and become a multi-media artist / animator. Keep up the hard work and dedication, Alaze, it will take you far!


This week’s student spotlight shines on Mon’Dasia, a 3rd grade student at Rachel Freeman School of Engineering! Mon’Dasia lives in Wilmington with her mom, 2 sisters, 1 brother, and her dog, Junior. For fun, she likes to play on her trampoline and do flips, watch YouTube videos on her phone, and dance. Her favorite subject at school is Math!

When asked what she likes about her CIS Student Support Specialist, Mon’Dasia replied “Miss Danielle is nice to us every day and is really sweet” adding “She takes care of people. She gives me hugs every morning and makes sure that I start my day off happy! She tells me that if I read and practice school work outside of school, I will get better at it, especially math. My favorite thing last year was when we went on a field trip to Carolina Beach State Park and went into the forest and saw Venus Fly Traps, because we were learning about them in school!”

In turn, Danielle tells us “Mon’Dasia started off this school year with a smiling face and hasn’t let that smile or shine fade! She is a hard worker and is a great example to her peers of how to be resilient and determined to succeed.”

Mon’Dasia knows she wants to go to college, but isn’t sure where yet, telling us “I will be a grown up that goes to work. I’m not sure what I want to be yet, but I want to teach people something!”

We hope you have a great year, Mon’Dasia, and keep up the hard work!


This week’s spotlight shines brightly on Brianna, a 2nd grade student at Snipes Academy of Art and Design! Brianna lives with her mom, dad, 3 brothers and sister, Jade, who is a 4th grader also at Snipes.

For fun, Brianna likes playing jump rope, helping others and going to her teacher’s treasure box. Her favorite subject at school is Science! We asked Brianna what 3 things she likes most about her CIS Student Support Specialist and she said: “I like checking out and dismissing with her. I like that Mrs. Simon always calls me Sugar Plum, Honey Dumpling when she sees me in the hallway – it makes me laugh and smile! And I like to come to her room right across from my classroom to sit, talk and rub her pillow to stay calm, and to draw her pictures and write notes to leave in her mailbox.”

It must be working, because Assistant Principal, Mrs. Beckelhimer, shares that Brianna has received two positive referrals from staff members in her first three weeks of school! While her teacher, Ms. Goss, says “Brianna has an infectious smile that always graces our classroom. She loves to help out wherever she can! She works hard daily to learn more and more- her want for learning is so great to witness. I know that she will be very successful this year in second grade, and I look forward to every day of it!”

As for her future, Brianna aspires to “become a doctor who helps babies and grown-ups.” We hope you have a GREAT year, Brianna, and look forward to supporting you as you work to achieve your dreams!

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