Be a Tutor

You can volunteer to tutor at any of our school sites during the day in New Hanover County or in Pender County. Contact our office and we will put you in touch with a staff member at a school site in need.

Tutors are also needed to help with afterschool programs! In New Hanover County, WIRE provides afterschool support to 3rd-12th grade students at our building on the corner of 11th and Orange Streets downtown, Monday – Friday from 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., following the traditional school calendar. Pender County’s afterschool programs run Monday through Thursday afternoons at each of our school sites.

Tutor During the School Day

PaSS Program

Our PaSS program is a 10-week, one hour per week, volunteer opportunity through which you are matched with a 3rd grader who has been identified as not likely to pass their End Of Grade tests. You will be provided with a reading comprehension curriculum and will meet with the same student(s) one-on-one for 30 minutes each week during the ten weeks leading up to the EOGs, working with them on reading comprehension.

The program will begin the week of March 13, 2023  and run through the end of May.

PaSS Program

Teen Court

Student volunteers are needed to serve as clerk of court, jury foreperson, defense and prosecuting attorneys, and act as role models for their peers in the diversion program. Student volunteers are supported by a team of adult volunteers who work in the criminal justice system who act as presiding judges, mentor attorneys, and jury monitors.

Teen Court

Strength Through Unity at New Hanover High School

Start your morning off right with us at New Hanover High School!

We plan to fill the hallways, courtyard, and catwalk with friendly faces and positive role models each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning as students arrive for the day.

Volunteers sign up for shifts in 30-minute increments.

Background checks will be required, and will be completed for free. To sign up, simply complete this background authorization form and return it to

Once that process is complete, you’ll be added to our list and begin receiving the weekly Sign-Up Genius email to claim your spot.

Tutor After School Hours