This week’s Student Spotlight shines on Jenson, who’s been participating in the Penderlea School Transition Camp!

He is 8 years old and will begin 3rd grade this fall.

Jenson grew up in Willard and appreciates exploring the outdoors, building things, and playing soccer.

His favorite subject is math and he especially loves putting his skills to the test playing the fun games online on Math Playground!

Jenson isn’t just an avid gamer, but an artist as well! When asked what he sees himself doing in the future, Jenson says he wants to be a YouTuber or Online Blogger.

He also adds one of his favorite speakers at this summer’s Penderlea’s transition camp was when Ms. Kendall came in to visit, take pictures, and read stories.

The photo below is a testament to his drawing skills, which he got to spend some time growing in Mr. Ricardo’s art enrichment! He says his CIS staff members like Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Blandin keep him laughing and have helped him learn.

“They are nice and helpful. They are also fun to be around and make me happy. I also enjoy Mr. Ricardo’s art class,” said Jenson.

We know there’s great things ahead of you, Jenson! Keep up the great work!